Underwater Repairs

MERAKI OFFSHORE has the know-how and experience to provide comprehensive on-site repair services for offshore related units with the use of specially designed methodologies which can be rigid or flexible depending on the type of repair.,



Going to drydock is often not a feasible option for offshore related units because of the down time, loss of production and subsequent financial setback this brings about. To Overcome this, Meraki Offshore designs different methodologies for our esteemed clients as per their requirement which allows a wide range of repairs to be performed while normal operations at sea are maintained.These turnkey projects are planned and managed by Meraki Offshore in an exclusive association with Different Top Class Diving companies in the Industry. Our technical department and diving teams are trained to carry out exact procedures and deliver a professional service while minimizing off-hire time yet maintaining high quality ensuring the 1- 5E Norms.


Underwater monitoring: Surveys


Building upon conventional technical skills and know-how while also taking advantage of the latest technology, Meraki Offshore offers a unique hull monitoring service to its clients. This allows our clients to be in total control of their units hull condition. MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection),CPM (Cathodic Protection Monitoring), UT (Ultrasonic Testing) and ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) can be carried out.

A Meraki Offshore diving/technical team can be on location and ready to service offshore units or rigs within days.

Underwater Cleaning:


Fully equipped an operational team is ready to mobilize immediately to carry out on-site high quality and fast underwater cleaning operations for offshore unitsBy taking advantage of a range of underwater cleaning units designed in-house specifically for offshore operations, all types of fouling can be removed from any type of offshore structure.

Waste Management

Meraki Offshore’s Waste Management System for Offshore and Onshore Industry ensures that all of your oil and gas waste management, hazardous waste and cleaning requirements are met.Our Waste Management approach for oil and gas can be tailored to include hazardous waste management, general waste management, recycling, drilling waste management, decommissioning, produced water management and tank cleaning.With over 10 years’, we are a experienced team in Waste Management in East Coast Region, Specialized Fleet and Equipment; Meraki Offshore ensures the end to end process of Waste. Management meets the requirements of HSE Norms as per Global Standards.

Material supply

One stop shop, Total solutions : We can supply all your needs:

Meraki Offshore Supplies all kinds of products to Oil Exploration & Production Companies, Offshore, Onshore and other diverse industries. We ensure the superior quality products and exceptional services at best rates.

We continually strive to make your work simple by presenting the convenience single desk for all your needs. We extended our partnerships with sourcing & services networks of dealing in a all over in India and overseas.

General products

  • Ropes & Hawsers
  • Tools
  • Rigging Equipments & General Deck Items
  • Pipes & Pipe Fittings
  • Painting Equipment & Accessories
  • Fasteners
  • Hose & Hose Fittings
  • Welfare Items
  • Safety Protective Gear
  • Ferrous & non-Ferrous items
  • Welding Products & Equipments
  • Life Saving Fire Fighting items
  • Lubricants Sealants & Grease
  • Nautical & Navigational Equipments
  • Electrical Fixtures & Fittings

Specialty Products

Our range of specialty products are supplied by the following manufacturers

Logistic support

Meraki Offshore delivers a wide range of tailored Logistic services to the oil and gas industry in KG Basin.Utilizing the expertise and experience of our team, including all the key Offshore and Onshore locations in KG Basin, Pan India and East Coast to the Middle East, Meraki Offshore is well placed to meet the unique demands of our clients in this industry.Whether our client is a subsea construction contractor, dredging company, marine seismic survey company, pipe laying or cable-laying contractor, Meraki Offshore has the experience and the expertise to deliver a high quality Logistic service wherever they need.Our dedicated offshore unit can support your offshore project from conception to completion:From the provision of specialized local information at the pre-project and planning stage, local vessel and operating permits and clearances during mobilization and the provision of a wide range of services during the project period from vessel Agency, to crew and personnel logistics and the management of onshore supply bases.Beyond the local project we are adding value to our client’s business by providing innovative global, outsourced operational and financial solutions that are helping our clients stay focused on their project and operational priorities in this dynamic and fast-moving industry.


  • Supply base services and facilities support for offshore exploration, drilling and production operations
  • Planning and management of logistics support services for offshore projects
  • Warehousing and storage services, including offshore warehousing management and dangerous goods storage
  • Inventory management
  • Receiving and consolidation of goods and materials
  • Tubular and casing management and storage
  • Comprehensive freight transport services including:
  • Dangerous goods transport
  • Specialised bulk transport, including crude oil, water, cement, drilling powder and liquids
  • Heavy lift and over dimension road transport
  • Provision of management, labour, cranes, stevedoring and trained personnel to provide a seamless interface between road and sea transport services
  • All Types of Vessels Chartering required for our Clients
  • Customs & border services

Technical services

Meraki Offshore has tied hands with the Top End Technical Companies in India and Middle East from the decades to ensure the Best Service with Innovation and reliability.Our Technical Services Include but not limited to:

Onshore Technical services

  • Fabrication, NDT and Erection IBR Piping & Pressure parts, Boiler Erection with qualified engineers, fabricators and IBR qualified welders.
  • Fabrication, Welding &Hydro-test of Economizer coils under IBR regulation. Fabrication Welding of Ducts using FCAW welding process.
  • NDT & Stress relieving, floating deck fit-up, welding related piping.
  • Fabrication of Diving Vessel, Joint Assembly of total unit and testing.

Offshore Technical services

  • Fabrication, Welding, Erection of Piping, Heavy Equipments, Process Packages, Vessel Structure jobs at Offshore platforms with machinery, tools & tackles and consumables and specialized welding in different materials such as Duplex Stainless Steel. Cu-Ni, NACE Carbon Steel, Inconnel, Stainless Steels, Zirconium etc. including hok-up, pre commissioning and commissioning of the system.
  • NDT Inspection.
  • Installation, Hook-up, testing, per-commissioning and commissioning of Launcher/Receivers along with the associated valves (Shutdown valve, ball valve, PCV, PSV, etc.)
  • Repair, Reconditioning, Erection, & overhauling of all kinds of Reciprocating & Rotating Machineries.
  • Welding of Decks extension, PLEM, conductors, Riser Protectors, Barge Bumpers, Boat Landings, Subsea Clamps, etc. with approved 6GR Welding Procedure Specification, Procedure Qualification Record and Welder Performances by Internationally reputed Inspection Agencies.
  • Installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of shutdown panel and F&G System.
  • Modification / Installation Switch Gear (HT& LT), laying of cables and its termination including the testing, precommissioning and commissioning.
  • Installation / hook- up / testing / pre-commissioning and commissioning of Pump.


  • Arranging Operational Permits & Customs Clearance for Crew personal & Cargo.
  • Rig Towage Services.
  • Bunkers & Fresh Water Supply.
  • Spares Delivery.
  • Crew Handling.
  • New Build Delivery & Dry Dock Supervision.
  • Repairs, Onboard Fabrication & Underwater Diving Services.
  • Supply Vessel, Crew Boat & Helicopter Charter Arrangements.
  • Surveys
  • Vessel Importation.
  • Vessel Mobilization / De-Mobilization.
  • Logistic Support.
  • Projects Logistics.
  • Ship Repairs.
  • Ship Chandelling Services.
  • Linear Agency.
  • Ware House
  • Manpower Supply.


We at Meraki offshore dedicate to provide the very best of a wide range of support services to the offshore oil and gas developments. Meraki Offshore is committed of completing every hook-up project ahead of schedule, always maintaining the highest quality and safety standards, including transport of personal to rigs, platforms from onshore and vice versa, delivery of cargo, material to rigs, platforms by our own charted vessels, towing of rig from one location to another and underwater construction projects.

Our intension is to provide services that satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations for assured quality and safety always in compliance with applicable rules and regulations and always according to current technology and techniques.Meraki Offshore has tied hands with the top end Technical Companies in India and Middle East to ensure the best services with innovation