Meraki Offshore has tied hands with the Top End Technical Companies in India and Middle East from the decades to ensure the Best Service with Innovation and reliability.Our Technical Services Include but not limited to:

Onshore Technical Services

  • Fabrication, NDT and Erection IBR Piping & Pressure parts, Boiler Erection with qualified engineers, fabricators and IBR qualified welders.
  • Fabrication, Welding &Hydro-test of Economizer coils under IBR regulation. Fabrication Welding of Ducts using FCAW welding process.
  • NDT & Stress relieving, floating deck fit-up, welding related piping.
  • Fabrication of Diving Vessel, Joint Assembly of total unit and testing.

Offshore Technical Services

  • Fabrication, Welding, Erection of Piping, Heavy Equipments, Process Packages, Vessel Structure jobs at Offshore platforms with machinery, tools & tackles and consumables and specialized welding in different materials such as Duplex Stainless Steel. Cu-Ni, NACE Carbon Steel, Inconnel, Stainless Steels, Zirconium etc. including hok-up, pre commissioning and commissioning of the system.
  • NDT Inspection.
  • Installation, Hook-up, testing, per-commissioning and commissioning of Launcher/Receivers along with the associated valves (Shutdown valve, ball valve, PCV, PSV, etc.)
  • Repair, Reconditioning, Erection, & overhauling of all kinds of Reciprocating & Rotating Machineries.
  • Welding of Decks extension, PLEM, conductors, Riser Protectors, Barge Bumpers, Boat Landings, Subsea Clamps, etc. with approved 6GR Welding Procedure Specification, Procedure Qualification Record and Welder Performances by Internationally reputed Inspection Agencies.
  • Installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of shutdown panel and F&G System.
  • Modification / Installation Switch Gear (HT& LT), laying of cables and its termination including the testing, precommissioning and commissioning.
  • Installation / hook- up / testing / pre-commissioning and commissioning of Pump.