MERAKI OFFSHORE has the know-how and experience to provide comprehensive on-site repair services for offshore related units with the use of specially designed methodologies which can be rigid or flexible depending on the type of repair.,

Going to drydock is often not a feasible option for offshore related units because of the down time, loss of production and subsequent financial setback this brings about. To Overcome this, Meraki Offshore designs different methodologies for our esteemed clients as per their requirement which allows a wide range of repairs to be performed while normal operations at sea are maintained.These turnkey projects are planned and managed by Meraki Offshore in an exclusive association with Different Top Class Diving companies in the Industry. Our technical department and diving teams are trained to carry out exact procedures and deliver a professional service while minimizing off-hire time yet maintaining high quality ensuring the 1- 5E Norms.

Underwater monitoring: Surveys

Building upon conventional technical skills and know-how while also taking advantage of the latest technology, Meraki Offshore offers a unique hull monitoring service to its clients. This allows our clients to be in total control of their units hull condition. MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection),CPM (Cathodic Protection Monitoring), UT (Ultrasonic Testing) and ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) can be carried out.

Underwater Cleaning:

Fully equipped an operational team is ready to mobilize immediately to carry out on-site high quality and fast underwater cleaning operations for offshore unitsBy taking advantage of a range of underwater cleaning units designed in-house specifically for offshore operations, all types of fouling can be removed from any type of offshore structure.